At the beginning of 2010 three major groups in Kurdistan Region, Dabin Group, BC Group and Aldoski Group, decided to join hands and invest together in some new projects. Together these three groups manage and own over 50 companies in the region, in the fields of;

- Investment
- General trading
- Industry
- Construction
- Retail
- Tourism

The result of this new project was the establishment of 3 new companies already engaged in activities and more companies to come. The three new companies were:

- BCD, the leading company in Kurdistan Region in ready mix concrete plants. The budget allocated for the start-up was USD 7 mil.

- BC House, the first in its kind, warehouse specialized in construction material. The customers are given the opportunity to choose from over thousand of items, from tens of brands. This outlet gives you a complete selection of construction items, A to Z. The budget for this company at the start is USD 15 mil.

- SKP Gas and Oil Company was established at the beginning of 2010 in order to buy, import, store petroleum and petroleum products and market them in various parts of the country. Our target is to provide service for final consumer in public and private sector.